So happy to finally be able to visit Waterhof again for a Physio Check Up of our redheads.  We travelled with 5 dogs and even with no competitions we still think it is very important to regularly check them out.  Due to the extra free time Corona gave us, we did a lot of balance and trick training.  Kiyo, Kaida, Kitsu and Emi all got a green card with no remarks, all in perfect condition, good weight and well muscled. Always nice to hear this and we have very happy dogs, they love to go there.  (pic of last summer)

Suki went along as he needs regular treatments of his back and spine.

Our visit was delayed for 6 weeks and except Suki nobody noticed it.  We could see in the last couple of weeks, it was time for him.  The treatment went well, besides manual therapy he also received laser treatment to support him.  When we got home he spent the rest of the evening sleeping and rolling around, his way of telling us he is feeling great again.  Next appointment for our Golden Oldie will be in July, this time Miwa will join him!