Sumi comes from our litter of Kaida & Heaven, representing the air element of the Ultimates gang. Sumi is a precious, determined and very social girl, a wonderful mix of her parents. She is the adventurous puppy with tons of confidence, charming everyone around her, growing up into an appealing girl!


Her name ‘Sumi’ is Japanese and stands for ‘Elegant’. Sumi is for sure an elegant girl with a smart mind and a graceful attitude.

Sumi is Miss. Purple from our Ultimate Litter (Kaida & Heaven), a bold puppy that loves to go on adventure. In a litter of 4, she was in charge, during the puppy tests Sumi showed herself as a fearless and motivated puppy.  She is very eager to learn and just like her mom, she can handle every situation. Sumi has a beautiful personality, can give the best cuddles and has a wonderful on-and-off switch.

Sumi lives with Martine and her 3 furry friends, where she is spoiled and the center of the attention in between the boys. They make a great team together, we are very proud to have you in the RiverTails family!


Sumi is a daughter of our Kaida and Heaven litter.

In 2024 Sumi will hopefully become a proud member of our breeding program, after she passes all the tests. Very happy for this opportunity!

° 23/11/2021 | 49 cm | 18,1 kg

Hips A
Elbows 0/0
Patella Clear
Cardiac TBT
Dentition Full and Correct Bite

PRA Clear By Parentage
CEA Clear By Parentage
DM Clear
JADD Carrier
CLPS Clear
CP1 Clear
BUFF D/d Carrier
DEN Clear By Parentage
CDDY N/N Clear
CDMC Clear
CLAM Clear

Physio check ups and yearly health examination carried out.

Very Good Junior Results

Due to a small mismark, very limited show plans.

Social Behaviour Test

TAP License
Grade 1 (June – October 2023)
Grade 2 (October 2023 – present)

Mult. top 10 rankings
Active Competition Grade 2 Large

I like trying things. I’m kind of adventurous and I like thrill seeking.

Joshua Bell

What we find in a soulmate

is not something wild to tame,

but something wild to run with!

Robert Brault