We take our responsibility as a breeder very serious. Socialisation with sounds, different surfaces, learning to interact and play with other dogs, people and children, it all becomes part of their life. The first 8 weeks are quite an adventure, we make sure they don’t get overstimulated and have plenty of time to process all new things and get enough sleep to develop and grow. We hope our hard work does not go unnoticed and the reward is a sound Toller, with a healthy body and mind.


Our puppies follow the Bio Sensor program, developed by the U.S. Military, which covers early neurological stimulation exercises done from days three to sixteen of the puppies life.

Studies confirmed that there are specific time periods early in life when neurological stimulation has optimum results.  It is believed that this is a period of rapid neurological growth and development, and these excercises could have important and lasting effects and give the dog a superior advantage.

Its development utilized five exercises which were designed to stimulate the neurological system. Benefits of these stimulation excercises are ‘Improved Cardio Vascular Performance’ – ‘Stronger Heart Beats’ – ‘Stronger Adrenal Glands’ – ‘A higher tolerance to stressful situations’ and  ‘A higher resistance to diseases’.


The process of developing relationships with other living beings, people, and animals. Setting up a positive experience for the pup while meeting the whole world is crucial for a happy life.

First water experience, always an incredible adventure

Not so far from us, we have a lovely, calm place with the perfect conditions for our first swim.  Retrieving the dummy or just running around with it and showing off, playing hide and seek in the grass, staying close or being a true Columbus exploring the forest nearby and testing our observations skills, some of us are natural swimmers and just dive in, one way or another we all have tons of fun!

Meeting other animals at the pet zoo

After our fist vaccinations, we start exploring the world. From a safe spot and very careful we are meeting farm animals and their care keepers, other dogs and their owners and not to forget many, many children from very young to juveniles on the children playground, we love them and they love us, that’s for sure. All these different smells and sounds, this is quite an adventure for our little stars!

Bringing a ray of sunlight to a home of elderly people

We are very happy to visit an RVT in a community close to us, every time we have puppies we call them to come over. We always feel so welcome and the residents and their family are very fond about the puppies.  It all starts 2 weeks before our visit, they create all kinds of toys and presents for us and the little ones.  It is a big challenge for the litter, all kind of new things like lifts, sliding doors, wheelchairs and lots of cheering, we will come back for sure, always a great day.

Learning to be calm and wait our turn

When we are all tired after a trip, it is the perfect moment for drinks and ice cream on a cafe terrace.  With a bunch of adorable pups, you are the eye-catcher of the day but this is also a very important learning moment for them.  Knowing when and how to turn the switch off is an important skill for all future puppy-owners.  Learning them to relax is so much harder than to get them ready for a game.  This is the foundation that still needs to be encouraged further in their first year.

Raising a dog is like a rainbow …
Puppies are the joy at one end, old dogs are the treasure at the other end.

Right From The Heart

We dream of a day where humans take responsibility of their actions and realise that dogs are a privilege, not a right!

For The Love Of A Dog