Just like we love to expand our knowledge, we also love to share it!

How it all started?  Not so far from us, we found an old grain storage depot and with hard work and lots of enthousiasm we turned it into a fully-equipped indoor training facility.  The dog’s well-being is our first priority, so we chose artificial Jutta Grass with Shock Pad underneath for optimal performance and safety. All our agility equipment meets the latest standard.

Over the past 25 years we have created a solid foundation within different dogsports.  After many seminars and lifting up our teaching skills to the next level, we decided to share our passion with you and your dog. A happy dog makes a happy owner and this is the best reward for us.  If you want to find out more, please visit About Us.

The “United Network of Infinite Teams” is waiting for you!

OneMind Dogs Instructors

Since 2017, we are proud to be part of the OneMind Dogs Community. At this moment we are certified OneMind Dogs Instructors in Handlings Techniques 1 and continue to develop.


If you want more info about our classes or if you are interested in having us teach a OneMind Dogs Handling Techniques 1 seminar in your area, feel free to contact us at

Online Evaluation

Feedback & Analysis

Have you also been wondering what went wrong during your training/competition,  what caused the disk or a knocked bar or refusal. We are there to help you read your dog’s language by analysing your video. We will make an in-depth evaluation and a critical analysis of your chosen handling techniques and lines on the course.

€25/video (max. 3 minutes)

Indoor Training

Courses & Techniques

It doesn’t matter, learning techniques or running difficult courses, playing discrimination games, starting foundations or specific problem solving, we offer it all! Private or in small groups, our goal is to make it as natural as possible for your dog.  You will be amazed how much your dog can do!

€30/hour (private)

Crossing Lines

Human Dog & Realistic Lines

Do you want to be able to predict where your dog will land and what he will do next? It all starts with you! Practice makes perfect, let’s make your handling perfect so you will have a better understanding of difficult lines, off-course obstacles, troubleshooting and much more… Learn to be critical and rise your performance to a higher level.  In this training you work with a human dog, so your dog can take a day off, while you turn into the perfect teammate!

€15/ session (group)

Mini Seminars

Skills & Techniques

More info and dates will follow soon…


If you want more info about our classes or if you are interested in having us teach a Fun & Fabulous class in your area, feel free to contact us at

Talented Tricks

Lure & Shape

Ever wondered how to teach your dog some tricks? Starting at a beginner level but before you know it, you have an advanced trick dog! We have the knowledge for more than 150+ tricks to teach in many different shaping or luring ways.  No matter what you want, we find a solution to teach it!


Blooming Balance

Mind & Body

Let’s focus a bit more on those sportive looking bodies. Performing 200% in a sport, but did you ever took a closer look at their body… A great activity to do with all ages, and no matter what breed, size or energy level, they can all participate and become more balanced, more aware and better muscled for whatever crosses their path in the future. Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Balanced!


Odds-On Obedience

Connection & Trust

Do you also want a perfect recall, an independent fetch it, very smooth heeling work and steady positions. Obedience is your friend and so are we. Going from a house trained dog to professional performances. Playing with drift control exercises and boosting you to the next level and all of this results in Teamwork we Trust!


Pilot Puppy

First Steps & High Jinks

Little wiggly puppy with tons of energy, that’s what you get…but how to get them to behave like A+ puppies and be cute and well behaved at the same time. Come and join our puppy classes and discover some very fun new activities you can practise at home as well.


Do you know what my favorite part of the game is?
The opportunity to play!

Mike Sigletary

Connect, Commit, Cue!

OneMind Dogs