During the past years we had some extra additions to our kennel. Some helped us forward, others helped us to make difficult decisions, but for all of them a special thank you for helping us the past years. To keep reaching new goals we can depend on trustworthy families who take care of those girls and boys we wanted to keep in the breeding program and give them a versatile, active and loving home. Thanks to all!

Pawsome help

Nysha – RiverTails Rainbow Misty Rose

This beautiful girl was born in our kennel on 7 April 2018. A very sportive lady, playful, sweet and a daughter from Miwa and Arras.

Nysha has given us one wonderful litter (Vixen Litter) of 5 beautiful and healthy pups. Unfortunately having a litter was neither for Nysha, neither for the hostfamily the experience we had hoped for, for that reason we decided to end our agreement.

Nysha is living a wonderful life and spends her free time at the agility fields.

Bailey – Fitznister Born To Shine 

This beautiful girl was born in Scotland on 16 December 2018. A very sweet lady, soft, charming, handsome and a daughter from our Kitsu.

Unfortunately Bailey her hip results were not as we expected and after lots of revising, we decided to pull Bailey out of our breeding plan. Bailey had C-hips which will luckily not hold her back enjoying an active life.

Very glad to say she is living a wonderful, wet and active life at the Belgian coast, together with her best friend Djenna.


If the plan doesn’t work,
change the plan,
not the goal.