Suki is our first Toller, enjoying his retirement, almost 15 years old and handled by Robin, together they tried out a lot of dogsports. Agility competition was his cup of tea, working hard and having lots of fun. Suki is the perfect mix of temperaments, easygoing in house and super energetic on the field. He’s a ball junkie and the sweetest cuddliest boy we have ever seen. Suki is part of Robin’s ‘Dreamteam’!


The meaning of his name is “Sweetheart” and this is exactly what he means to us. With team efforts they have come a long way: show handling, obedience, agility, dogfrisbee, waterwork, … and doggy dance tricks. Suki loves it all!

We will never forget the day Suki joined our family. Our daughter Robin was convinced a Toller was the perfect dog for her and Suki made her dream magically come true! Suki is a wonderful boy with a sweet temperament, high working drive with loads of enthousiasm. He loves to be around people, knows better than any other dog how to blend in. His intelligence and untameable will to please are always on hand. Suki is our golden boy, special in oh so many ways.

Thanks Annemiek, for breeding this lovely boy!


Suki has been neutered (2017) for health reasons
(BPC – Benign Prostatic Cysts)

Suki will not be used in our breeding program.

° 16/04/2009 | 42,7 cm | 15,5 kg

Hips B1
Elbows 0/0 Clear
ECVO Clear until 03/10/2017

PRA Clear
CEA Carrier
DM Clear
JADD Probably Normal
CLPS Clear
CP1 Carrier
BUFF Clear
DEN Clear

All our dogs receive regular physio check ups, bloodwork analysis and a yearly health examination.
Suki had a full abdominal ultrasound in December 2020 which was perfectly fine.

Lux. Youth Ch. | Lux. Ch.
Belgian Show Champion (C.I.E.)

Excellent Reports and Qualifications
Multiple C.A.C./C.A.C.I.B./B.O.B.’s

Junior Hopprins 2010
Belgian Winner 2010
Best Youth Male – Tollerfestival 2010
Qualified Crufts 2011
Qualified Crufts 2012
Qualified “FCI World Ch. of Ch. Show”
2nd Place B.I.G. – Retriever Special

Breeding Certificate

Social Behaviour Test
Obedience Program Certificate
Club Champion 2011

TAP License
Club Champion 2011
Club Champion 2013
EOJA 2013 – Suisse (Eur. Open Junior Ag.)
PAK Champion 2015 Team Mix
Qualified Belg. Ch. Semi Finals 2016
EOJA 2016 – Slovakia (Eur. Open Jr. Ag.)
PAK Champion 2016 Grade 2 Medium
Qualified “Trophy Lage Landen” 2016 Jr.
Qualified Belg. Ch. Semi Finals 2017
Qualified Belg. Ch. Finals 2017

Mult. top rankings in competition
Competition Grade 3 Medium

Winner “Animal Star Maker 2013”
“Fastest Toller 2010” – Tollerfestival
DMWYD – Novice Trick Dog Titel
DMWYD – Intermediate Trick Dog Titel
Knows +100 tricks …

SIFD Level 1
Nosebedience Certificate 1

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart!

Winnie The Pooh

Look at this life – all mystery and magic.

Harry Houdini

In January 2018 Suki’s life changed in a blink of the eye, he got partially paralysed and has been diagnosed with IVDD, for his own safety he has to keep calm.  Not an easy task but he is still with us and that is the most important.  

After 18 months of revalidation, we are happy Suki can do small walks and long cuddles again.  We hope to have him with us for a few more years with a good quality of life.  He now receives some balance training, nosework games and mental stimulation to keep this little fighter happy!