Miwa combines the sweetest temperament with a nice working drive, we couldn’t have been more blessed with this foundation girl. Her daughter Emi stepped in and made a new dream come true, this is what we are looking for in a Toller! With granddaughters Kaida and Cifer and great-granddaughter Sumi the lines are secured for the future. Kitsu’s daughter Lada is a wonderful addition as well as some new bloodlines by bringing in Djenna to the kennel.


Alliance de la Vie Dream The Dream

Miwa, born in August 2010, is a very healthy, sweet and easygoing girl with a nice working drive and a lovely balanced temperament!

Foundation girl and mommy of 2 litters on retirement!

RiverTails Ocean’s Octopussy

Emi, born in November 2015, is a very healthy, strong and well balanced girl with an extreme working drive and an outstanding focus!

Mommy of 3 litters, retired and back to action!

RiverTails Synergy Precious Gift

Kaida, born in March 2019, is an active, high energy and busy girl, who needs time to mature and is already showing excellent working skills!

Mommy of one litter, time for 200% focus on sports!

RiverTails Utopia Neverending Story

Cifer, born in January 2021, is an adventurous, high energy and wild girl, who needs time to mature and is already showing excellent working skills!

High hopes, first time to grow up!


First of all big thanks to all those families who are cooperating with us, giving those girls a wonderful life and all the quality time they deserve. Supporting and helping us to maintain the genetic diversity and the health in our so beloved breed. We cannot do this without your help and we are very proud to call you a part of our RiverTails family! We hope you enjoy the ride just as much as we do!

Ulalala Let’s Riverdance of Chicquera’s Crown   ‘Lada’

Lada, born in April 2021, is a healthy, energetic and steady girl with a happy attittude and a delightful soul!

Lada is living with Celeste and her family.

Mommy to be!

Kalahari From Cashel Vale

Djenna, born in March 2021, is a healthy, nice structured and balanced girl with a positive attittude and a gentle soul!

Djenna is living with Hedwig.

Mommy to be!

RiverTails Ultimate Spirit Of Life

Sumi, born in November 2021, is a brave, energetic and balanced girl with a spunky attitude and a loving soul!

Sumi is living with Martine.

High hopes, first time to grow up!

Kennel Cooperations

How all roads lead to the same goal. We decided for the very first time to start a cooperation with another kennel. Together we are stronger and ready to explore some new grounds and share the Toller love all over the world. For now young Jess has moved to Poland to live with her extended family. The family ties to Poland seem to be stronger than ever before. It all started with Kitsu joining our pack, letting his grandkids Power and Daktyl going back to Poland and now Kitsu’s daughter Jess will hopefully fill in the dream. Jess is part of the ‘Little Glow Duck’ Kennel. Let’s see what the future brings…

It’s Dog Latin Tolling Bell

Jess, born in December 2022, is a brave, outgoing and steady girl with a natural retrieving instinct and a wiggly butt!

Jess is living with Klaudia and red friend Ozzy.

High hopes, first time to grow up!


Genetically tested and healthy girls, sweet and lovely temperaments, beautiful and well structured and not to forget the focus and drive of a true working dog, we are proud our girls have it all!