RiverTails Kennel is located in Wuustwezel, Belgium, surrounded by beautiful forests and lovely fields!

We are breeding on a limited base and our home is filled with love and dedicated to the highest quality of life for all Tollers living with us.  All dogs and puppies live inside the house, we have a full fenced yard with a swimming pond.


We dedicate all our time and energy to the health and the future of our lovely breed. All our dogs are fully tested, both clinical tests as genetic testing available to our breed, as we find it very important to have an open policy concerning one of the most important topics. We will share all information and have a high standard on educating all potential puppy owners. A healthy dog is a happy dog and why not give them the best possible start they so deserve in life!


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are beautiful, smart, highly intelligent, medium sized dogs. Also known as Tollers, they are becoming more and more popular and to us no surprise, everybody loves them! They are retrievers and love to go out in the field with you, being an incredible versatile hunting companion. When the job is done, their place is in the house, they need to be a part of your family. Looking at them, you see a powerful, compact, balanced, well muscled dog with a high degree of agility, alertness and determination. They make great pets for active families!


First of all we like to maintain the balance in our group, a balanced dog means a steady dog, who feels at home in different situations, is not easily startled and has an open and social temperament towards other people and dogs. You never know what life will bring you, so better get them as prepared as can be. Therefore we have a very busy socialisation program of which we are very proud of.
Not only balanced in mind but also in body. All our dogs are checked regularly by a physio to make sure they are and stay in perfect condition, overweight is an undervalued issue today, dogsports or long and active walks give a Toller the needed exercises and challenges this breed really longs for. Be honest to yourself if this is really what you are looking for.