What started with an amazing puppy turned into a 4-generations family, filled with dedication and passion for our redheads!

Our Toller adventure started in 2009, when Suki made his entrance into our lives.  In 2010, Miwa joined the family, a wonderful girl with a very soft temperament.  The combination Suki x Miwa will always remain a dream as Suki had to be neutered for health reasons, but little did we know Miwa would give us 2 wonderful litters, she is a true star and we are very proud to have her as a foundation in the future of our kennel.

The younger generation is showing all the qualities we love, they are all healthy, social and active dogs. We plan our litters carefully with lots of planning, researching, hoping to find the perfect match.

All our puppies are raised in a warm home, learning dog skills from the whole group, undergoing an intense socialisation program, loved and cared deeply for from the moment they were born.  We care for their futures and love to stay in touch with, the carefully selected, forever homes, throughout their entire incredible lives.

Health, show and work results of our dogs can be found on their own pages.


A dedicated team, working together, covering physical activities and mental challenges, in various dogsport divisions, we breath life into our dogs through beautiful form and function.


Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen – OneMind Dogs

Marc Boeykens

Marc has been training German Shepherds for more than 25 years. Scent training, protection work, obedience … the German Shepherd is a versatile dog. He believes in many cases a dog doesn’t understand what his owner is telling him to do, so dog training starts almost every time with training ourselves to learn the language of your best friend.

His love for the Shepherd started with an intensive 4-months course as a K-9 Dog Trainer, followed by a 1-year course with a dedicated K-9 Scent Dog. Marc has also finished a 2-years course as a certified dog instructor. He also followed a 6-weeks course on T-Touch and Dog Massage.

Nicole Antheunis

Nicole’s first dog was a Golden Retriever who brought a lot of joy and happiness in her life. Ever since she has been living with more than one dog! She shows a lot of interest in dog behaviour and clickertraining.

Nicole has finished a 2-years course as certified dog instructor. She also followed a 6-weeks course on T-Touch and Dog Massage. In 2017 Nicole became a certified K.K.U.S.H. agility instructor.

Since January 2019 Nicole is also a certified OneMind Dogs Instructor and incredible proud to be part of this amazing team, where the magic of learning is based on the dog’s point of view, an eye opener and the best decision I ever made.

Robin Boeykens

Robin has grown up between our dogs and became a dog trainer at a very young age. Besides the regular trainings, she also follows extra active workshops, such as Dog Frisbee, Flyball, Doggy Dance, …! She attends the same seminars as us and is also very interested in dog behaviour.

Besides her study ‘Bachelor in Agro- and BioTechnology, Animal Care’, she also became a certified K.K.U.S.H. agility instructor since 2020, a certified Rally-O instructor since 2021, Rally-O judge since 2023 and  a proud ambassador for the Chasing the Tale academy.

Since January 2019 Robin is also a certified OneMind Dogs Agility Instructor and incredible proud to be part of this amazing team, where the magic of learning is based on the dog’s point of view, an eye opener and the best decision she ever made.


We are committed to learn and develop in every task we take on as a team.

We love to keep on learning and understanding our 4-legged friends better, to that end we follow seminars and workshops on a regular base.


  • Zeljko Gora – Agility (2 days)
  • Geertje Schijf – Rookie Stars
  • Wendy Willemse – RC ‘die je hond begrijpt’ (6 weeks)
  • Katarina Podlipnik – RC
  • Zeljko Gora – Agility (2 days)
  • Jane Elene Christensen – Agility (2 days)
  • Silas Boogk – Agility
  • Susan Koldenhof – RC (16 weeks)
  • Katarina Podlipnik – RC (16 weeks)
  • Katarina Podlipnik – RC Foundations (16 weeks)
  • Isabelle Emanuelsson – EO Follow Along RC (6 months)
  • Q-Me – See Saw Module
  • Q-Me – Weave Entries
  • Q-Me – Foundations module 7: Advanced foundations
  • Q-Me – Proofing Weave Exits
  • Q-Me – Threadles
  • Q-Me – Tunnels
  • Ariane Wieber – Level Up your Weave Entries
  • Q-Me – Puppy Power Part 1
  • Q-Me – Puppy Power Part 2
  • Q-Me – Puppy Power Part 3
  • Tobias Wüst Community – Membership
  • AgilityHub – Membership

Other dogsports

  • Toine Jonkers – IPO
  • Bart Bellon – Motivation
  • Ian Dunbar – Reliability, Motivation, Speed & Precision (2 days)
  • Dick Staal – Scent Training
  • Bart Bellon – Focus
  • MADzone – Frisbee Beginner
  • MADzone – Frisbee Advanced
  • Q-Me – Retrieve it
  • Kingsdale Webinar – Foundation Training For Puppies
  • Kingsdale Webinar – Basic Training For Youngsters
  • Kingsdale Webinar – Basic Retriever Training – Handling
  • Rally Obedience NL – Rally-O Instructeur Workshop
  • Absolute Dogs – 30 days Recall Rescue
  • Absolute Dogs – Obedience Boost


  • Cesar Millan – Pack Leader
  • Sue Sternberg – Aggression (Weekend)
  • Sonja Verhoeven – BAT Training
  • Chirag Patel – Fear (Weekend)
  • An Wesenbeek – Attention & Focus
  • Geertje Schijf – Contact & Co
  • Chasing the Tale – Fetching Manners
  • Chasing the Tale – Shaping Adventures
  • Absolute Dogs – Calm
  • Absolute Dogs – Chase
  • Absolute Dogs – 21 Days to Stress Free Walks
  • Absolute Dogs – Absolute Confidence
  • Absolute Dogs – Boundary Games
  • Absolute Dogs – Dimmer Switch

Health, Body & Fitness

  • Ellen Martens – Preventing sport injuries
  • Nadia Rossel – EHBO for dogs
  • Dogs4Motion – Warm-up/Cool-down routine (Agility)
  • Dogs4Motion – FUNdamentals K9 Conditioning Course
  • Dogs4Motion – Dynamics in Control
  • LPCD – Pre-Fitness Puppy Course
  • Jump for Joy – Joyfull Jumping
  • Jump for Joy – Entering into Collection (advanced)
  • Nina Gregl – Jumping Mania Revolutions
  • CFI – Structure and Gait Analysis
  • Dogs4Motion – Agility Dynamics in Control
  • Dogs4Motion – FUNdamentals K9 Conditioning Course (new release)
  • Dogs4Motion – Let’s Learn Dog Massage
  • Canine Conditioning Coach – Full Membership


  • Judith Lissenberg – Creative Training
  • Qimmiq – Brain Games
  • Monique Appels – Hondernemer
  • Q-Me – Acceleration Module
  • Handling Techniques 1
  • Mental Training – Tools For Life
  • How Dogs Learn and How To Support Their Learning
  • Mental Training – Tools For Teaching
  • Foundation for Agility
  • Handling Techniques 2 (active)
  • Physics for Agility (active)