Suki is our first Toller and a wonderful ambassador for the breed, we fell in love at first sight. Kitsu is our goofy boy from Poland and a wonderful addition to our family. Luca is our special boy who enjoys life to the fullest, his brother Milow turned into an amazing happy boy, just the way we like it. With Kiyo from our Emi & Kitsu litter and halfbrothers Floyd and Micah from our Emi & Quest Litter, we hope to have the best from both for the future.
We are so excited about the future of those boys!


Alliance de la Vie Madu

Suki, born in April 2009, is a healthy, crazy and cuddly boy with a high working drive and a strong temperament.

EvViva La Vita Assassin’s Arrow

Kitsu, born in April 2015, is a very healthy, powerful and athletic boy with a goofy attittude and a very sweet temperament!

RiverTails Synergy United We R One

Kiyo, born in March 2019, is an active, high energy and crazy boy, who has tons of drive and is already showing his versatility!

RiverTails Ocean’s Safe Haven

Luca, born in November 2015, is a sweet, happy and active boy with special needs and lots of love to share!

Luca’s special story is on his page.

RiverTails Utopia Milk And Honey

Micah, born in January 2021, is an angelic, charming and easygoing boy with a very social temperament and a huge will to please !


RiverTails Ocean’s Number One

Milow, born in November 2015, is a healthy, strong and balanced boy with a nice working spirit and a gentle soul!

Milow is living with Sindy and her family.

RiverTails Utopia Quest’s Adventure

Floyd, born in January 2021, is a goofy, biddable and balanced boy with a nice working spirit and a sweet soul!

Floyd is living with Diane and her family.


Genetically tested and healthy boys, sweet and lovely temperaments, stunning and well structured and not to forget the focus and drive of a true working dog, we are proud our boys have it all!