Cooper is one of the handsome little boys from our Nysha & Leffe litter. He is grown up into a handsome, friendly, spontaneous boy with a big will to please and a crazy spirit. He is sweet boy, always in for some playtime and loves attention.


From day one, Cooper was blessed with a wonderful expression, therefor we gave him his name: Mc.Fabulous.

Cooper is the firstborn son from our Vixen Litter (Nysha & Leffe), with his sweet expression and his soft temperament, he was the easygoing boy in the litter. Very glad he still is that wonderful easygoing boy, with lots of appearance, a great work drive, eager to work and tons of craziness. He is a very social guy, loves food and in always in for some fetching time! He is a perfect match from his parents, has a nice coat, a wonderful dark pigment and a real gentleman.

Cooper lives with his family Marc, Carim and Aline, where he is living the good life!  They make a great team together, we are very glad you are willing to be a part of the RiverTails family!


Cooper is a son of Nysha and Leffe, our own Vixen Litter.

From Spring 2024 Cooper will be a part of our breeding program.

° 03/01/2021 | 49 cm | 18 kg

Hips A
Elbows 0/0
Patella Clear
ECVO Clear
Cardiac TBT
Dentition Full and Correct Bite
PSS Clinically Normal (Ammonia test)

PRA Carrier
CEA Clear By Parentage
DM Clear
JADD Clear
CLPS Carrier
CP1 Clear
BUFF Clear
DEN Clear By Parentage
CDDY Carrier
CDMC Clear
CLAM Clear

Semen quality Very Good
Frozen & Chilled semen On request

All our dogs receive regular health examination.

Cooper will have his debut in 2023 in the show ring!

Social Behaviour Test planned in 2024

Life has no remote
Get up and change it yourself!

Marc A. Cooper

I prefer to be
happy & crazy,

Rather than
normal & bitter.

Paulo Coelho