Floyd is a puppy from our Utopia Litter and he is a very special boy. He is a wonderful son of Emi & Quest and a little copy of dad in his younger stages. Floyd is a happy overachiever, with a high motivation towards food and play. He loves people and attention and he is a very nice looking pup.



We decided to give Floyd a name, dedicated to his dad, Quest aka Believe Rev’N Up For Adventure. Besides this Floyd his nickname was ‘Mr. Red-Fred’ in the litter and daddy Quest was also known as ‘Fred’ in his litter. That just closes the circle with the bond between father and son!

Floyd is our lastborn puppy from our Utopia Litter.  He has been a big boy during the first months of his life, he loves food and has a gentle touch on the inside.  He loves to play tug and likes to explore all new things in the neighborhood. Floyd is a very active boy who loves to work and is showing lots of potential. He is the total package and we have high hopes for this little dude.

Thanks Diane and Jo for giving Floyd such a warm welcome into your home.


Floyd is a son of Emi & Quest and we have high hopes for him.

Floyd will hopefully become a proud member of our breeding program in the future, if he passes all the tests with flying colors. First time to grow up and become a young prince.

° 15/01/2021 | 32 cm  | 6,5 kg (9 weeks)

Hips TBT
Elbows TBT
Patella TBT
Cardiac TBT
Dentition TBT
PSS Clinically Normal (Ammonia test)

PRA Clear By Parentage
CEA Clear By Parentage
DM Clear By Parentage
CP1 Clear By Parentage
BUFF Clear By Parentage
CDDY N/N Clear By Parentage

All our dogs receive regular physio check ups, bloodwork analysis and a yearly health examination.

Shows planned in 2021 & 2022

Due to Covid restrictions, no further shows planned for the moment.

Breeding Certificate planned in 2023

Social Behaviour Test planned for 2022

As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen!

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