Micah is our firstborn puppy from our Utopia Litter and he is a very sweet and cuddly boy. He is a wonderful son of Emi & Quest and a little charming fellow. Lime is an active bundle of joy, with a high motivation towards food and play. He loves people and attention and he is a very showy boy.


His Japanese name ‘Micah’ stands for ‘Divine’ – ‘Angel of Miracles’. He is our heavenly boy with a sweet and charming temperament. A Miracle that was meant to stay with us.

Micah is our firstborn puppy from our Utopia Litter.  He has been a real cuddle buddy, he loves food and has a gentle touch.  He loves to play tug and likes to be with you. He is a soft and sweet boy with a great solid attitude, always putting his best paw forward in new challenges. In his eyes you really just melt away, he is showing lots of potential in his puppy training, mixing beauty and brains and steadiness at a promising level.


Micah is a son of Emi & Quest and we have high hopes for him.

Micah will hopefully become a proud member of our breeding program in the future.

° 15/01/2021 | 47,5 cm (official) | 14 kg

Hips A
Elbows 0/0
Shoulders 0/0
Patella Clear
Cardiac Clear
Dentition Correct bite (failure lower P3)
PSS Clinically Normal (Ammonia test)

PRA Clear By Parentage
CEA Clear By Parentage
DM Clear
JADD Carrier
CLPS Carrier
CP1 Clear
BUFF Clear
CDMC Clear
CLAM Clear

All our dogs receive regular physio check ups, bloodwork analysis and a yearly health examination.

Shows planned in 2024

Social Behaviour Test

TAP License
Grade 1 (May – September 2023)
Grade 2 (September 2023 – present)

Mult. top 3 rankings
Active Competition Grade 2 Intermediate

Together is our favorite place to be!


A day without a friend, is like a pot without
a single drop of honey left inside!

Winnie The Pooh

There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein