Happy First Birthday to our Synergy Litter, hope you all have a wonderful day with nice walks, extra cuddles and something yummy ??!

Big hugs from Emi & Kitsu and the rest of the red pack to Kiyo, Gaudi, Kaida, Aiko, Jip, Rex and Scott – You are the best!

From our Synergy Litter, Kiyo and Kaida live with us, so for these two today it is party time!

Time flies when you are having fun, that’s for sure! ❤️❤️❤️  Whenever you think life can’t be any better, a new puppy surprises you and shows you life can be a 1000x times more amazing.

Kiyo, wagging his tail like crazy at 5 weeks old to hop into our hearts, this crazy boy is a beautiful mix of both parents! With you life is so easy, fun and goofy, let’s cuddle! Kaida, our little dragon, the only girl in the litter! Sometimes I see so much of Miwa in her, the sweetness of Miwa but than covered with a spunky attittude!  Be a dragon, my girl and set the world on fire! ❤️