Finally time for something new and with a lot of help from Mary, Quest his owner, we were able to use Quest his semen from the USA. I can’t say how many dreams this combination is fulfilling. An awesome dog, with a very nice temperament, extraordinary workdrive, very impressive pedigree and a real sweetheart. He is juts perfect! We can’t wait what these 2 awesome dogs, 2 very nice examples of the breed are going to create for us. Welcome little ones!



Emi is a  sweet, loving and easygoing girl, who adores to spend time with us.  She has an excellent working drive, extreme focus and incredible ground speed, she always pushes herself to perform 200%.  Life is never dull with her, she is trustworthy, works very independent and has a friendly attitude towards the whole world, with her caring attitude we know she will be a great mother to her pups. She loves to play with you no matter what you offer to her, she is just happy to be around you.  Besides agility, she also loves balance where she is showing a nice control over her body and mind. She is also an athlethic, femine girl with moderate bone, a nice topline and a dense coat, much like her mom.

“Quest is an easy going dog who loves everyone, other dogs and life in general. He is just a happy fella. his temperament is rock solid. He is quiet. He has not met a stranger. Quest is a pleasure to live with. He is calm in the house, practically a couch potato but when it is time to work he is READY!!!!!! Tons of drive! He really enjoys working. Quest works for praise, treats, tugging but retrieving is his soul. He likes to please and is a team player. Sometimes he likes to think ahead to what he thinks you want which can cause trouble but I think this means he is smart, independent and wanting to please. He is a smart and quick learner.”

On top of that perfect total picture: Quest is the son of Fury and Rev, a dog everybody knows! (Fury is the sister of Maverick who is Suki’s great-granddad).
This makes this combination top of the notch!


It’s like 7th heaven to have this wonderful combination in our kennel. The best of the best, living the dream and thinking of a perfect world with those little magnificent Utopia puppies.

RiverTails Ocean’s Octopussy

° 25/11/2015

  • Link to Emi’s Page
  • Hips A – ED 0/0 – Patella Clear
  • ECVO: Clear exc. Distichiasis
  • Carrier for JADD and DE
  • Cardiac Clear
  • Full Dentition and Correct Bite

Believe Rev N Up For Adventure

° 14/07/2013

  • Link to Quest’s K9Data 
  • Hips Excellent – ED 0/0 – Patella Clear
  • ECVO: Clear
  • Carrier for CLPS
  • Cardiac Clear

Trip to Hofheim Am Taunus – Blendivet Clinic

As we were living in uncertain times with Covid preventing us to travel, we decided to leave Belgium a bit sooner than planned. A negative Covid test, a fully loaded Mobilhome, 4 dogs and we started our trip to the Blendivet Clinic in Hofheim Am Taunus on the 6th of November, a 10 days stay in the beautiful nature of Germany. We were very lucky our Camping spots were near a very nice forest where we could walk hours as well as an old charming city to explore in the beautiful evenings. We brought the youngsters with us, Kiyo and Kaida, uncle Luca and off course Emi. Kiyo who is a young intact male, behaved himself very good. Only on the top days he thought his mom was way too hot! Our oh so lovely trip made a sudden turn, when Emi ate something from the ground and got sick later that night. The whole night we needed to let her out every hour, because her stomach was all knotted up, feeling so sorry for her. The next day we went to the clinic to get some medication for her, but this didn’t help. As we were starting to worry more, we made an emergency appointment to the clinic, luckily they wanted to help us and started to investigate further. A full blood screening and an X-ray who both came back totally fine. She stayed 2 hours on an IV to get some extra fluids as well as a booster for her body, laying on top of your lap in the waiting room with her powerbaxter . Happy it was nothing too seriously, we got the good advice to start cooking for our little princess, no medications just some help from mother nature.  Little did we know how helpful nature can be, cooking her Morosche Carrot soup in the Mobilhome and after only a few hours we already saw a big difference. Now we needed every hour of the night out for a pee, because soup and an IV makes you pee a lot, but we were very relieved she was feeling better. All back on track and her progesterone was still not high enough. A few days to strengthen and Saturday the 14th it was finally time for the insemination. Emi was very calm and easygoing, all went fine. We repeated the insemination on Sunday and exchanged the beauty of Germany back to our warm home! Now the countdown has started!

We want to thank the Blendivet Clinic so much for all their help and advice as well as their fantastic intervention!

As Quest is living in the USA and we were confronted with the Covid pandemic, we decided to speed up our dream and luckily Quest his owner Mary was willing to make all the extra efforts and to work with us to make sure all paperwork and transport went smoothly. Quest his frozen semen arrived safely in Germany at the Blendivet clinic, waiting for Emi to visit. To make sure we could be able to cross the border to Germany, we left a whole week too early, staying 10 days closeby the clinic with a few redheads and Emi. We followed Emi’s progesteron level closely to see what would be the best days for the inseminations. On the 14th and the 15th of November, Emi had 2 succesful Transcervical Inseminations in the specialised clinic in Germany, so now fingers crossed.

On the 14th of December we went for an ultrasound, and we are over the moon excited to tell you Emi and Quest are expecting a small litter this winter. The three little ones have a strong heartbeat and look nicely developed.





28 October 2020 – Start approx. in kg heat / pregnancy approx. in cm (Front & Back)
5 November 2020 14.2 Progesterone 0.27  F: 43.0 – B: 41.0
10 November 2020 14.2 Progesterone 3.47 F: 43.0 – B: 41.0
12 November 2020 14.2 Progesterone 9.11 F: 43.0 – B: 41.0
14-15 November 2020 14.2  2 Succesfull Inseminations! F: 43.0 – B: 41.0
Week 1 14.9 No changes F: 43.5 – B: 41.5
Week 2 14.5 No changes F: 44 – B: 42.5
Week 3 14.8 Very sleepy F: 47 – B: 43
Week 4 15.3 Always hungry F: 47.5 – B: 43.5
Week 5 15.5 Growing belly F: 49 – B:45
Week 6 16.7 Cleaning time F: 53.5 – B: 49.5
Week 7 17.3 Wiggling puppies F: 55.5 – B: 51
Week 8 18 Almost time F: 60 – B: 54.5

Utopia Litter

Puppies arrived safe and sound!

On day 62 after the first insemination, Emi gave birth to 3 beautiful puppies on a snowy afternoon. After a restless morning, Emi decided it was time these little ones took their first breaths into the new world. After a 2,5 hours push and with the help from our vet, a beautiful dark male made his entrance. As he had been stuck for a while without his fluid sack, he needed some extra time to strengthen, but with extra mommy milk and a 24/7 watch, he soon pulled himself together. Only 17 minutes later his sister popped out, a very active princess and a joy to watch. After these 2 little ones, Emi took a break, but as we could still feel a wiggling puppy inside her belly, we were ready for the last boy to be born. 1 hour later, the biggest boy was born. Mommy and kids are doing fine! Emi is an amazing mother, has tons of milk and is as expected taking excellent care of her puppies. We could not have hoped for a better outcome and now it is time to start enjoying her 3 little musketeers.

Pup Info

° 15/01/2021

  • RiverTails Utopia Milk And Honey – Male 1 – Mr. Lime – 338 grams
  • RiverTails Utopia NeverEnding Story – Female 1 – Ms. Mint – 342 grams
  • RiverTails Utopia Quest’s Adventure – Male 2 – Mr. Red – 412 grams
  • Early Neurological Stimulation day 3 – 15
  • Eyes open on day 12
  • First teeth on day 14
  • First puppy steps on day 16
  • First meal on day 20
  • First time potty training on day 18
  • First time outside on day 26


° 15/01/2021

  • Link to Micah’s Page
  • Height … – Weight …
  • Clear by Parentage for PRA/CEA/DM/CP1/CDDY
  • Very Promising Puppy
  • PSS Clinically Normal (Ammonia test)


° 15/01/2021

  • Link to Cifer’s Page
  • Height … – Weight …
  • Clear by Parentage for PRA/CEA/DM/CP1/CDDY
  • Very Promising Puppy
  • PSS Clinically Normal (Ammonia test)


° 15/01/2021

  • Link to Floyd’s Page
  • Height … – Weight …
  • Clear by Parentage for PRA/CEA/DM/CP1/CDDY
  • Very Promising Puppy
  • PSS Clinically Normal (Ammonia test)