The Future

"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen!"

How it started

Although we always shared our home with German Shepherds, our amazing Toller story started in 2009, when our daughter Robin told us she had found the perfect breed for her. Suki is our amazing 'Little River Duck Dog' and from the very first moment he showed us what a wonderful breed the Toller is. His outstanding focus, untamable enthousiasm and great personality makes him the best friend a girl could wish for.
Robin and Suki are one!

After a while, we were sure Robin's next Toller would be a puppy from our own breeding, so we contacted Suki's breeder 'Annemiek' and we started looking for a female Toller to join the family. Miwa was born in 2010 and she is our wonderful princess. She has a very sweet and soft temperament and is the happiest dog in our pack, looks like she's always smiling :-).

Thanks Annemiek & Sisi for these lovely dogs!

Once we decided we want to give other people the same joy in life as we share with our Tollers, the search for a kennel name began. We believe 'a River' and 'a wagging tail' defines our Tollers, so the adventure of the kennel 'RiverTails' has started. We will not have litters on a regular base, we spend almost all of our free time with our dogs in various active dog sports. We are convinced Tollers are very versatile dogs in need of a job. Health, Show and Work results of our dogs can be found on their own page.

More information about RiverTails?

If you want extra info about our dogs or future litters, please send us a message.

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