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7 puppies born in Germany!

We have received great news from Germany. Frieda has given birth to 7 beautiful and healthy puppies, 4 females and 3 males, after an easy whelping of 2,5 hours. Frieda is doing fine and she is taking excellent care of her little ones. We are very excited and are looking forward to our trip to meet them all. Kitsu is a proud daddy and celebrated the news with a big freestyle jump in the pool. Lots of puppylove and best wishes to Frieda and her family!


B-day girl Miwa!

Today is a very special day. It is already 7 years ago that our little princess is born and after all these years she may call herself now the queen of the pack. Hopefully we have many more years with this very special, always happy, girl.


Great news from Germany!

We received great news from Germany. Kennel From Marybos Dream is expecting puppies from the lovely combination Frieda and Kitsu. Fingers crossed for healthy puppies and an easy whelping for Frieda. Waiting list has been closed and all puppies are reserved.


Our Agility Stars

This agility season is filled with surprises and rewards for all our dedicated training moments. Our red pack graduated to a next level in agility world, all 4 of them, what a great achievement. Miwa and Suki finally collected their last point for grade 3, so proud of them, to our knowledge they are the only tollers in grade 3 in Belgium!
Kitsu and Emi graduated to grade 2, how much fun are we going to have with them . Emi is competing since the end of April and she grows every run, she is the kind a girl with great expectations but fun comes first. We have all the time in the world!


Indoor Toller Fun

A couple of months ago we spotted a real estate advertisement of a very old warehouse, build in 1960, that has been used as a storage place for the milling industry. We decided to give it a go and after many hours of renovation, we can see the finish line ahead of us. It will be so great to have this place, especially in the winter, so many plans ...


Accepted for OneMind Dogs Coach Training Program

We can hardly believe it! The last couple of weeks were nerve-racking, but today we got the news we, Robin and Nicole, are both accepted. In Fall 2017, a great new adventure awaits us, ready for lots of learning, training and making new friends!


Cardiovascular Examination for Miwa

Today, Miwa went to the animal clinic for a cardiovascular examination. My crazy, running girl passed the test with flying colors. Clear for all congenital cardiac diseases and the exam showed no abnormalities. So happy with this result!
Thanks to Dr. Valérie for her expertise.


Cardiovascular Examination for Kitsu

Today, Kitsu went to the animal clinic for a cardiovascular examination. My goofy, always smiling boy passed the test without any remarks. Clear for all congenital cardiac diseases and the exam showed no abnormalities. So happy with this result!
Thanks to Dr. Valérie for her expertise.


Emi's genetic tests for CLPS/CP1/JADD/BUFF

We had to wait for a couple of weeks, but we just received the results for the genetic tests for Emi. Probably carrier for JADD and free for CLPS, CP1 and BUFF, very happy with these results. Tests carried out by OFA and results are also registred on their website.


Emi and Milow passed their TAP (Agility Approval Test)

After months of training agility foundations, practising balance skills and drift control excercises, both of the youngsters were more than ready for their TAP. Robin & Emi and Jana & Milow passed the test with flying colors and can now finally call themself 'proud members of our RiverTails Agility Team' (R.A.T.). Looking forward to a wonderful future for these new Dream Teams!


Happy Birthday Kitsu - 2 years old

Time flies when you are having fun! Kitsu celebrates his 2nd birthday today, love him to the moon and back. Hoping for many more years with this special boy!


Happy Birthday Suki - 8 years old

Suki celebrates his 8th birthday today, still looking like a big puppy, and he has no intention to slow down. Love his enthousiasm and charming personality, we cherish his presence, hoping for many more years with him!


Great results @ Luxemburg International Dog Show

Still a bit overwhelmed I returned home after a long day. 5 hours of driving, but am I feeling amazingly proud of Kitsu. 26 Tollers and some very nice looking dogs in the ring today. Kitsu became best male and got his first CACL point, he also received CACIB, BOS and his Crufts Qualification for 2018, looks like he wants to go back next year!


Crufts Dog Show

We just returned from our trip to the UK, Kitsu was entered for the very first time in Yearling Class, a tough entry with 14 beautiful young dogs. He loved the UK, the hotel, the charming English people, the judge and the big ring. He was a bit impressed by all this glamour and glory, which I could see on his tail position. He did so great and was rewarded with a 5th place VHC, very highly commended, so proud of our goofy talented boy!
Thanks to judge Mr. J. Luscott for appreciating our boy and the nice comments.


Physical Check Up Suki and Miwa

Time for our yearly visit to het Waterhof, Suki and Miwa received a complete sport check-up by Ellen Martens. Suki will return 3 times a year to make sure no problems will occur now that he has become a veteran, for sure he doesn't mind, he likes the massage too much. Miwa was in perfect shape, no comments and a green card for 2017!


Castration Suki

Some dreams are ment to stay dreams forever! Today Suki went to the clinic for a fertility test and they found several cysts in his prostate. There was no other option than to neuter him. His health will always be our nr. 1 priority, so we will never have Suki-puppies but we are the luckiest people in the world to share our lives with him!


Trophy Belgium vs Holland

Feeling superproud today, Miwa and Suki competed today with handler Robin in the "Trophy der Lage Landen", representing members of the Belgium Junior Team! Team results for Suki - 2nd place and Miwa - 1st place, overall Belgium went home as the winner of the Trophy, it was a great day with lots of friends!


Physical Check Up Kitsu and Emi

Time for the youngsters to pay a visit to Ellen Martens @ het Waterhof. Both of them received a green card for the upcoming agility season. Emi is an athletic, well muscled young dog, all that running with mom pays off. Believe we will have to give Kitsu some extra attention at home because he loves the capable hands of Ellen.


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