About Us

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole!"

Who We Are?

A small introduction of us in a nutshell :-). We are Marc, Nicole and Robin, and we live together with our greatest friends, our dogs. Almost every minute of our free time, we spend with our dogs.
Marc trained the IPO program with Elmo, Nicole and Robin are very busy with their tollers, in agility, obedience and to inspire them, some hunting, tricks and dogfrisbee.
All our dogs are trained with the positive rewarding training method, where it all started with a clicker.
We like to help people and their dogs to grow into a promising combination, where the connection between the dog and his handler is the main goal, to become "the perfect match"! When a dog shows attention, the very first and most important step has been taken!

It started as a hobby but over the years it changed into a way of life!

Meet The Family

Our dogs live together in harmony and it is always a joy to see them interact using their beautiful dog language. Looking at them makes us wonder if we aren't just too sofisticated as humans! To understand them better, we follow seminars from dog trainers or ethologists, listed some of them here below.
We are not only inspired by our dogs, we also have a special connection with our camera. Photography is the other passion in our family, shared by all 3 of us! !